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Examples of Green Entrepreneurship

green entrepreneurship

Green Entrepreneurship is a form of social entrepreneurship that involves starting a venture to address issues related to the environment. This term can also be used to refer to a regular business venture that chooses to invest in environmentally friendly alternatives such as clean energy, energy-efficient office space, and more.

This type of entrepreneurship has a high level of risk because it can be expensive to invest in environmentally friendly alternatives. However, the reward can be large, as these ventures can help improve the environment and thus society as a whole.

For this article, we will show you three green entrepreneurships that have invested in the environment throughout their business ventures:

Sol Haus Design:

Sol Haus Design is a small company that specializes in sustainable building. This company has the motto of “design[ing] homes and workplaces that are good for the soul and kind to the planet.” Sol Haus Design invests in clean energy and sustainable building practices so you can enjoy a comfortable home or workspace that is also environmentally friendly.

Box Play for Kids:

Box Play for Kids is a toy company that creates eco-friendly and recycled stickers for kids to put on boxes that would otherwise be thrown away. So, not only does the company invest in environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, but it also produces stickers that can turn boxes and other would-be trash items into toys for kids. Check out the Box Play for Kids website for examples of the stickers they create that help turn would-be trash into toys, and see below for an example:


PurposeEnergy is a company that helps businesses turn their waste from food and beverage production facilities into something reusable, such as clean water or organic fertilizer. The company also offers audits for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprints. So, not only does it invest in environmentally friendly businesses practices, but it helps companies reduce their carbon footprint as well.


As you can see from the examples above, green entrepreneurships can span any industry and mean many different things. If you start a business venture that either a) invests in environmentally friendly business practices or b) dedicates its mission to helping the environment, your business is considered a green entrepreneurship.

About the Author -- Joshua Ferdman

Joshua Ferdman is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, specializing in technology, finance, and real estate. He started working in the mortgage business at the age of 16 and hasn't stopped since. Joshua always said that the most important job you can ever have is phone sales. He writes about entrepreneurship, leadership, and succeeding in the professional world.

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