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Top Fintech Startups of 2021

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As we begin to transition out of the Covid-19 era, we are long overdue for some good news. Despite the past year of pandemic-related bad news, we have seen numerous leaps in the business world that are worth celebrating.

In fact, the high-tech and finance worlds have seen hundreds (if not more) of new companies that are changing the world for the better. In this article, we will show you three of the coolest new financial-related tech start-ups that are changing the way we do business.

Tala -- Loans for Underprivileged Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Tala provides loans and credit lines to underprivileged individuals across the world to help them start businesses, work on projects, and more. Moreover, the company issues these loans despite the borrowers’ credit history or lack there of. This new app allows aspiring entrepreneurs in third world countries to borrow money to start a business, when it would otherwise be impossible due to their lack of credit history. The loans usually range between $10 and $500, but that’s enough to get started in many countries.

It will be fascinating to see the rise of new business ideas as a result of greater access to underprivileged countries. The billions of people in these countries are smart and motivated, and now they have the means to turn their ideas into reality.

Morningstar -- The Ultimate Guide for Investors

We finally have a place we can go for advice about literally anything investment-related. Moringstar is the ultimate guide for investing in any aspect of the market, from stocks and bonds to mutual funds and portfolio management. With just one platform, you can read up on industry best-practices, stay up-to-date on the latest trends, create and manage an investment portfolio, plan for your taxes, and so much more.

As we begin to enter the post-Covid era, it will be important to be as knowledgeable as possible on all things investment-related. So be sure to check out Morningstar and take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Brex -- Credit Cards for Businesses

When we think of credit cards, we think of using them for our personal lives, be it for shopping, traveling, dining, or more. But what about a credit card company designed specifically for businesses?

This is where Brex comes in. Brex has created credit cards specifically for businesses and offer high rewards for business-related purchases. For example, companies can earn reward points for spending on business communication tools such as Zoom and Slack. You also earn rewards for food deliveries, software purchases, and other expenses that help improve your business or company morale.

While credit cards geared toward businesses already exist in some form, this is one of the first companies to dedicate its entire business model toward providing a premium business card. It will be exciting to see what this company offers in the future and how it may change the landscape of business spending.

About the Author -- Joshua Ferdman

Joshua Ferdman is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, specializing in technology, finance, and real estate. He started working in the mortgage business at the age of 16 and hasn't stopped since. Joshua always said that the most important job you can ever have is phone sales. He writes about entrepreneurship, leadership, and succeeding in the professional world.

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