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Best Books About Entrepreneurship

book about entrepreneurship

If you need inspiration for your business venture or are looking to learn some best-practices for becoming a successful entrepreneur, consider reading memoirs and other informative books about entrepreneurship and how others have overcome obstacles to start their businesses.

While there are hundreds -- if not thousands -- of books written by entrepreneurs that provide valuable insight, the following are five books we recommend that showcase some of the best entrepreneurship stories and could give you the motivation and tips you need to succeed as an entrepreneur:

  1. The Virgin Way: This book outlines the journey of Richard Branson, who founded Virgin Group and is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. What makes Branson unique is that his company does not just focus on one type of product or Service; rather, Virgin Group has investments in the airline industry, sports, charities, and more. Read this book to gain insight that can help you as an entrepreneur in any industry and under any circumstance.

  2. Steve Jobs: As you can imagine, as an entrepreneur, you could learn a lot from one of the most famous success stories in business. Not only did he help start Apple, but he revolutionized the tech industry and how we live our lives in general. This book about Jobs discusses how entrepreneurs can create and market products the right way, and how they can innovate to change the world.

  3. Female Innovators at Work: This book tells the stories of female entrepreneurs and how they found success despite the many obstacles they had to overcome as women in business and tech. This is of course a great read for aspiring female entrepreneurs, but it is also valuable for anyone who wants to learn some best-practices for overcoming obstacles in the business world.

  4. The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Ben Horowitz, one of the most respected venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, writes about what entrepreneurs should keep in mind while starting a business. He also discusses some of the challenges you will face as an entrepreneur that you won’t learn about in business school.

  5. The Power of Broke: In this book, author Daymond John talks about best-practices for startups without a lot of funding, and how you can find success even with a slim budget. This is a must-read for entrepreneurs just getting started, as it is likely you don’t have a lot of money this early in your venture.

For more recommendations for books you should read as an entrepreneur, check out Shopify’s articles titled, “The 32 Best Entrepreneur Books of All Time.

About the Author -- Joshua Ferdman

Joshua Ferdman is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, specializing in technology, finance, and real estate. He started working in the mortgage business at the age of 16 and hasn't stopped since. Joshua always said that the most important job you can ever have is phone sales. He writes about entrepreneurship, leadership, and succeeding in the professional world.

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