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Best Jobs for a Healthy Work Life Balance


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If you are like most people and demand a healthy work-life balance, there are many things you should consider while planning your career and seeking jobs. After all, the type of work and type of company at which you work can greatly impact your work-life balance. Let’s first discuss what to consider while seeking a healthy work-life balance, followed by the types of jobs that typically allow for such a thing.

What To Consider For A Healthy Work-Life Balance:

Based on my experience, I recommend considering the following four factors while searching for a job if you seek a healthy work-life balance:

  • Hours of Operation: If you seek a good work-life balance, you probably want to work a “9-5” work week. While this is possible in many industries such as engineering, teaching, marketing, and more, this is much more difficult in fields that work around the clock. For example, people need emergency medical attention 24/7, so becoming an emergency room doctor will probably require you to work odd hours of the night.

  • Level of Work Emergencies: While considering employment, think about how often emergencies happen in that industry. People in the medical field or politics, for example, deal with emergencies all the time, while this is much less common for front-end developers or retail workers. And because emergencies can happen 24/7, fields that experience more emergencies have a higher chance of requiring work during odd hours of the night. Of course emergencies will happen in any job, but do some research on your prospective careers to find out how often they usually occur in each field.

  • Can the Job be Done Remotely? Remote work can lead to a much healthier work-life balance due to the time you will save by not commuting and the flexibility remote work provides. Seeing as many people spend more than an hour commuting every day, you could free up hundreds of hours per year just by working from home.

  • Company Culture: Management styles and company culture can have a huge impact on whether employees enjoy a healthy work-life balance. While some companies prioritize employee happiness and thus shorter hours and a work-life balance, others only prioritize the bottom line and sacrifice employee health in the process. While considering your career and seeking employment, ask companies about their work culture and the ability to have a work-life balance. Also, check out sites like Glassdoor that show work-life balance ratings from past and present employees at various companies.

Jobs That Provide A Healthy Work-Life Balance:

The following are a few types of jobs that can provide an excellent work-life balance. These jobs can all be done remotely, typically have fewer emergencies, and usually have normal working hours.

  • Client Manager

  • Computer Programmer

  • Copy Editor

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Scientist

  • Front End Developer

  • Marketing Analyst

  • Marketing Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Social Media Manager (not in the political arena)

  • Strategy Manager

  • User Experience (UX) Designer

  • Web Developer

About the Author -- Joshua Ferdman

Joshua Ferdman is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, specializing in technology, finance, and real estate. He started working in the mortgage business at the age of 16 and hasn't stopped since. Joshua always said that the most important job you can ever have is phone sales. He writes about entrepreneurship, leadership, and succeeding in the professional world.

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